Tamjid Hasan Fahim

Passionate Learner | I Love to Build Things & Make Them Work | Problem Solver | ML Enthusiast
Undergraduate Computer Science & Engineering Student
Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology



Dormitory Network: I am currently building Dormitory Network, a multi-functional SPA to track users' live times categorically (using HTMX AJAX request & Sessions), create study groups, generate visual reports (using Plotly JS & Pandas, Django ORM), connect people of same major & interests as well as allow them to post academic rants. 

This project is supposed to be completed by July, 2024.
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ODE solver: http://tamjidfahim02.pythonanywhere.com/
Source Code

Python-backed web application to solve non-homogeneous ordinary differential equations (ODEs) utilizing Python libraries like Panda & NumPy. Kefaet Ullah & I were jointly responsible for the programming part. 

Library Management System: http://tamjid02.pythonanywhere.com/
Source Code

This webapp provides the basic functionalitites like logging in and out, profile view, book management features like checking out, viewing, returning and wish-listing books. I believe it has a lot more scopes to be improved. 


My Solved Problems Directory: https://heytamjid.notion.site/Solved-Problem-Directory-Problem-Based-Learning-Model-4f62760cb82940fca046054441cb93e7
After solving an interesting problem, I try to set back & analysis the problem, my approach and which thing I missed out.

Academic Notes: https://heytamjid.notion.site/Uni-Academic-Notes-ad9009c5b52c4f4a9cd5dcf3589dc0d3?pvs=4
Academic notes I've made for personal refference and hence not that organized and complete. If you are my junior from RUET CSE, I can help you with some more organized materials I guess, please contact me.

Blog: Where I share my learning journey & thoughts. https://earthcatalog.wordpress.com/

SQL: https://heytamjid.notion.site/mySQL-d68e61aaa5604fe7afd9f427f13c75f3

BYeah Cyber Security Course: https://heytamjid.notion.site/BYeah-Cyber-Security-58fae9b545f64eaa9ee3df52c4a32351?pvs=4

I've also joined some other online courses including CS50, CS50W, Python for Everybody & Django for Everybody. 

Currently, I am learning Javascript & React. Also I am enthusiast about Machine Learning. 

Language & Framework Proficiency

C (Intermediate)
C++ (Intermediate)
Python (Intermediate)
Django (Intermediate)
SQL (Intermediate)
JavaScript & React (Learning)
Java & Swing (Naïve)
HTML & CSS (Naïve)